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The New England Wine Industry Association (NEWIA) is an incorporated association representing a significant proportion of wine producers in the “New England Australia” GI wine producing region, which falls within the Northern Slopes zone in northern NSW, Australia. The Association also has associate members and together they work for the development of an exciting, vibrant and healthy regional wine industry for the New England.

The Mission Statement for NEWIA is: “To provide an avenue for sharing of information and experiences between members to assist in the education, improvement, productivity and promotion of grape growers and winemakers across the ‘New England Australia’  Region”

NEWIA meets regularly to discuss innovative ways to help develop the regional wine industry for the benefit of the industry as a whole as well as for individual members’ wine businesses.  As wine producers we are passionate about our wines and our region, and want to share that passion with our customers and our clients.

NEWIA was formed in 2011 as an amalgamation of two co-predecessor groups, the New England Winegrowers Association (NEWGA) and the Southern New England Vignerons Association (SNEVA).

Up to that time the two separate groups had been working individually and together to help shape the regional wine industry into what it is today.  After the gazettal of the “New England Australia” GI as a recognised wine producing region, and the completion of a Regional Branding Strategy shortly thereafter, the logical next progression was to merge the two groups into a stronger single group to work together to move the industry into the future with a common purpose.

That common purpose is a combined one including various objectives:

  • the continual benchmarking of products with a view to continual improvement in quality.
  • the education of members in the fields of vineyard management, wine management and wine business development.
  • to promote the New England Australia region not only as a wine producer of premium quality wines, but also as a wine and food tourism destination.
  • to educate the region’s consumers about their regional wine industry and how to appreciate the diverse flavours and styles of the region’s wines.
  • the promotion of the New England Wine (“NEW”) brand through various means including in-store promotions, website design, events and trade show involvement.
  • to increase sales of “New England Australia” wines for the benefit of the industry and its individual members.

NEWIA and its predecessors have achieved a number of significant milestones over the past twelve years in the pursuit of regional wine industry development:

  • Involvement in and contributions to the New England North West Viticulture Strategy (2003) (assistance form State Government)
  • Involvement in and contributions to the New England North West Food and Wine Industry development project (2003-1011 and ongoing) (assistance from State Government).
  • Successful application to the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation to have “New England Australia” gazetted as a recognised Geographical Indication (GI) wine producing region.  Gazetted in January 2008 (with assistance from NSW Trade & Investment).
  • Development of a New England Australia Regional Wine Branding Strategy (with assistance from NSW Trade & Investment).
  • Involvement in and contributions to the New England Regional Wine Show – and is one of only 21 accredited “feeder” shows to the National Wine Show held in Canberra each year.  
  • Ongoing development of various regional marketing initiatives, promotional events and marketing collateral to help lift the profile and sales of New England Australia wines.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the past and present members of NEWIA and its predecessors, their associate members, their sponsors and contributors from industry, Government and community, for the assistance they have provided in the shared vision of a vibrant and exciting New England Australia wine industry.

If you are a new or existing grape grower and/or wine producer, or someone who may be interested in assisting NEWIA with helping develop the region’s wine industry further, we would love to hear from you and would welcome your input.

We look forward to continuing to work together to advance the “New England Australia” region.

Mark Kirkby

President  NEWIA